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August 27, 2008



Haha! Now you know what I have to experience every day now. The frightening thing is that you get used to it. Plus I prefer the gray atmosphere, when the sun shines it sets you on fire, and not in the dry Texas way.


Oh I didn't even get started on the humidity. And the mosquitos. And the three inch hornets which are everywhere and landed on my wife's shoulder through the open window of a *moving* car.


Ah, and as for the rain thing - obviously that's a personal thing for me and YMMV, but what I wanted to illustrate is that there are certain expectations when you go around calling a place "the sunshine state." Expectations which were not met.

I mean I wasn't *shocked* or anything, given that Arizona clearly has more annual days of sunshine than Florida. But I was a bit peeved at their undeserved claims for that title.

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