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August 10, 2008



This is exactly what we were getting at with the nuclear discussion. The whole thing of thinking there are nebulous diplomatic forces which hold the predators of the world at bay ("consensus," "international opinion," et al) has now amounted to... what?

Nothing - a fiction - which is all that it ever was. The only thing that would hold them at bay is the only thing that ever has in history: the credible threat of retaliation.

Right now, our credibility is about nil. And THAT - credibility of making good on threats to retaliate - is the ONLY thing that is worth a damn.

A serious destruction of an enemy would serve that credibility well, and to sacrifice such a plan on the altar of this nebulous "international opinion" would be a grave mistake.


RIP: The New World Order (1988-2008)


Long live the New World Order?


"Yes, that's what we wanted you to think!"

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