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July 26, 2010



Thankyou for raising this issue. I have gone through a rethinking of this whole issue and I too think that the way Objectivists frame immigration, indeed the very terminology, is deeply flawed. And yes, it is incredibly frustrating to have to be told by Conservatives that my philosophy is impractical and unrealistic. (This from people who think that a prophet walked on water 2000 years ago and resurrected himself from the dead.)

Alot of intellectual heavy thinking needs to be done on this subject not the least of which is the issue of demographics. If America should become swamped with an Hispanic population in the context of our egalitarian Leftist culture we risk becoming like Brazil. And yes, there is a danger if America loses its White majority in today's context. Immigration, including the subject of Muslims and Islam, is the weakest element of the Objectivist politics. That needs to change.


Madmax: I'll just point out - and I'm sure this is what you meant - that what you mean by the danger of losing a White majority is a cultural thing and not a genetic or racial thing. And in this context the White culture is that of Western Civilization, or what little remains of it, and the values of individual rights and capitalism, among other things. (in the United States, the word "White" is a bit of a touchy subject and will almost certainly get interpreted in a certain way)

I think that the proposal by Mariott that I linked, in which citizenship is linked to an explicit renunciation of not only kings but other allegiances hostile to the constitution such as Islam or La Raza, for example, is the kind of thing we need to be more explicit about in proposing immigration policy.

Anyway, I'll be getting this up at TNC soon, hopefully.

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